I’m Tamrina (or Tammy I really don’t mind) and this is my blog. I am an amateur writer and photographer who loves to blog about photography, excerpts and makeup, amongst other things. I tend to ramble on a bit sometimes but don’t worry I’ll warn you beforehand so you can save yourself from suffering.

I made this blog to widen my horizons and bring all the things I love doing together on to one platform. My goal is to connect with people through my content and help not just me but also other express their thoughts, feelings and concerns. I hope you still around and read my past blog post who knows maybe you’ll find something in there that suits you as an individual. If you haven’t already please check out all my social network links below to be updated on the progress of posts or just new content I put on there.


 -tamrina x

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filling you guys in (broken promises & new projects)

It’s been about three months since I last talked to you guys and a lot has happened since then. I’ve had exams, got my exam results back, which were surprisingly good considering I’ve been a lazy sod these past few months, I’ve had a few photoshoots and life itself has been particularly interesting. All in … Continue reading filling you guys in (broken promises & new projects)

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