Things change drastically. Most times we don’t even notice the change ourselves. We keep searching and searching for change, stability and the strength. We search for new things to change our lives that we don’t even realise the changes in the little things. The ways we look, the personalities we bare, a change in hobbies or even the posts we share. We don’t realise it until we go back and assess things for example old baby photos or our old cringe worthy Facebook posts (I know you have them too).

I was once told- I say once but it was the other day- to get my “act together” because I’m turning 18 (yes it’s my birthday today it’s honestly not a big deal) and honestly? I didn’t get it. I didn’t get that a person who themselves just turned 18 is telling me to get my “act together” when theirs isn’t perfect because that’s just it we’re not perfect! Plus when you say act it just sound all fake and shit. I don’t like pretending or acting but it’s what it has come to with the human race. A majority of us would rather act like the most popular Kardashian at the moment than actually take their time to get to know themselves and the things they like not the things society likes. Letting the media, celebrities and people you know lead your life isn’t going to get you anywhere. Happiness isn’t achieved by being someone else, it’s achieved by being yourself. I know I’m not the best person to talk about happiness but it’s true pretending to be someone else is going to get you nowhere. It just doesn’t.

Furthermore, drastic measures are taken by ourselves or others that change our lives,or perspectives on things. A person’s action can affect us just as equally as our own. Many times when I have been put in this type of situations I’ve end up losing not just people but also myself. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are funny things. We say one thing, we feel another. I say I’m fine when really I’m crumbling inside. She says she forgives you but really she’s fuming. He says he feels safe but really he’s frightened to the core. Emotions, feelings, we catch ’em all. (WADDUP POKEMON REFERENCE)

Recent events (I say recent but it’s only recently been on the News just don’t forget it happens every fucking day) have left us bewildered like a deer in headlights by the inhuman things people do. No one deserves to die and by that I mean die at the hands of another human being. No one deserves to be discriminated by the colour of their skin or the language they speak. I know because I am Muslim some people we’ll be all like “what about the LGBT+ Orlando shooting” well let me tell you this, just because you’re homosexual or whatever doesn’t mean I hate you- I don’t- my views as a Muslim frown upon what you’re doing but it’s none of my business. What you do is your business. People don’t deserve to be killed in cold blood; according to the class, age, nationality, gender, ethnicity, disability or their sexuality. Humans aren’t supposed to kill humans. We’re one species. Where did the love go?

Black lives matter because all lives matter and don’t you forget that. I know we can’t change much as individuals but together we can change the world.





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