About Me (kinda, sorta)


So this is where one talks about themselves right? Well for starters I’m nineteen years old and currently in my first year of university at Aston University. I am British: born and bred. I am also of African, Asian and Arab descendants which is a bit to get around but they’re just identity labels that apparently ‘make us who we are’ so lets us not get into any of those.

One of my goals in life is to become an author. I know, I know you’ve probably heard it a hundred times from a hundred different people but its a dream I want to at least try to reach. It means the most to me. I’ve struggled with confidence and believing in myself and my capabilities all my life. I am only just learning to understand that I am good at the things I love even if sometimes I don’t see it.

I’m studying Psychology and Sociology as an undergraduate degree. I’m still not sure what I want to do I the future. Maybe I’ll take the Clinical Psychologist path, maybe I’ll stick with the author dream or maybe I’ll venture deeper into the world of Photography. The world is full of possibilities and its ours for the taking.

Our passions and hobbies make us who we are. That’s probably why I lack more confidence in my academic skills even though I’ve been told I have the brains I just lack the knowing I am good enough, smart enough and clever enough to reach the stars. I love to read, I love to write, I love to draw and I love to take photographs. These things honestly make me who I am, as corny as it sounds, they relieve me from things like stress and anxiety. They are my anchors on my rainy days and the times in my life where my broken world is crumbling even further. That’s why this is all so important to me. That’s why all of this matters.

I am a pretty straightforward person who often speaks her mind, so prepared for full on rants and deep posts because that is me in a nut shell. If I write a triggering post like a post on mental illness I’ll be sure to put a trigger warning at the start for anyone who needs it. Also my messages are wide open for anyone in need of a friend or a person to listen to what they have to say.

I also own way too many social media accounts to even count and you should check them in the social media section right at the bottom of the page (shameless plug I know oops). On each platform I try to post as often as I can and sometimes they’ll be post that link to a blog post it usually depends on my mood and the inspiration I have for a piece.

I am a weird individual who has self-proclaimed themselves as the pigeon queen, binge watches too many shows, stays on YouTube for more time than she is out of bed and whose therapy is the best show to ever exist (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.). Oh and I am pretty open when it comes to my mental health. I believe that not talking about our mental is what strengthen the stigma and the stigma needs to be broken.

So this is me in a nutshell. This is the outer layer of me I guess, kinda. I hope you stick around and see what else I have in store for you guys because I’ve got a hella of a lot of projects up my sleeve

-tamrina x