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rambling away (writers block addition)

Why is it that every time we face a problem in our lives we panic and lose everything we have? - It’s been a while since I last spoke to you guys and quite frankly I am a bit disappointed in myself. In my last post, I talked about a project I have been working … Continue reading rambling away (writers block addition)


filling you guys in (broken promises & new projects)

It's been about three months since I last talked to you guys and a lot has happened since then. I've had exams, got my exam results back, which were surprisingly good considering I've been a lazy sod these past few months, I've had a few photoshoots and life itself has been particularly interesting. All in … Continue reading filling you guys in (broken promises & new projects)

discovered, hated & loved (the makeup 2017 edition)

Now 2017 was a weird year. There was just something about the whole year itself that made it both the best and the worst year of my life so far; in terms of personal problems, personal growth and just the world in general. I thought as a send off for this crazy year I would … Continue reading discovered, hated & loved (the makeup 2017 edition)

the past & self-acceptance: a slight ramble

There is a slight feeling of guilt that dawns on you when you see someone on a cold day, looking completely depleted, worn out and just utterly miserable. It weighs you down like the world on your shoulders; when really all that feeling is, is your mind telling you: "you could have done more." Is … Continue reading the past & self-acceptance: a slight ramble

College, University & everything in between

Hey guys! I'm back with another educational based post to fit in with the transitions I have made recently with moving away from home for University. It's come a little late since I am still trying to adjust to the University lifestyle and honestly it can be a tricky one. In this post, I wanted to … Continue reading College, University & everything in between

Excerpt #1: Continetal Bigotry

It felt like any usual day where she walked home from work with dreams and ambitions in her imaginative head and a slight jump to her step. The cold air nipped the surface of her skin making her tanned skin tinge pink. Her loose clothes danced to the rhythm of the wind and her ears understood … Continue reading Excerpt #1: Continetal Bigotry

Results, stress & anxiety: a countdown

[I literally just jumped into it for a change instead of rambling my arse off oops] *** 10 days to go The stress has really been getting to me. I've been doing this results day countdown since the second I walked out of my last exam and it's what has been keeping me anchored through … Continue reading Results, stress & anxiety: a countdown

A Little Introduction

go check my lovely friends blog guys she’s a talented one I’ll tell you that x


I’m quite new to all of this but it is something that I have always wanted to do for about two years now. Blogging is something which I’ve read a lot about and tried to do in the past, but finding a theme or just things to write about in general was something I definitely struggled with. After about two years of a lot, and I mean a lot of thinking and planning ideas in my head, I’m ready.

I decided that, personally, I feel that education is a big role in today’s society – more specifically, how things work. Once I got to the age of 17 and started thinking about my future ventures into university, I was stuck. Coming from a place where I didn’t have anyone that I personally knew to get information about planning, thinking and what was good for me for the future I decided…

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filling in the blanks

Hey guys it's me and yes I am a little late but you'll have to forgive me for that. Please? I promise I'll try to be more consistent on posts and not just on here but also on my other socials. I've been doing things, finding things and honestly just doing me. Now, I am back and I … Continue reading filling in the blanks

accept the change, find your growth

The funny thing about change is most of us are scared shitless of it even though its such an essential part of human growth. For me personally change is a bittersweet thing. There are times I will welcome change into my life with open arms but there are other times certain changes are just things we don't … Continue reading accept the change, find your growth